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This game was a masterpiece. The story was so emotional and touching. Really makes you reminisce on all the friendships you've had. Great job! Keep up the good work. 

Honestly? Hands down, one of the BEST games I've ever played. The music and writing was excellent and I really recommend having a stab at it.

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Hi. A YT trailer (even temporary or short) will help to promote the game. xoxo

Does this game work on 32-bit Windows?


Heartbreaking in a very good way. This def made me feel something. Gorgeous graphics and ambiance.


i don't know what to say in particular but it was sad and devastating that i almost cried. thanks for sharing this beautiful work with us


I don't know if I want to leave Latam anymore :'(


fucking broke me. i have a hole in my heart.

This game was absolutely lovely. The story was really nice, deep and also pretty sad. The animations, pixel-art, music and everything about this game was great.

I really want to thank the developers for making such a great game, very emotional!

Hope you guys make something as nice as this again!

10/10 would recommend it to anyone who likes narrative-driven games.


i don't know what to say...

it was beautiful.


I went into this game blind, I just read that the game is set in Sweden and the art looked cool, and boy was I in for a trip.  The art was wonderfully done, I spent way too much time just admiring certain areas. And the moment the story actually clicked in my head, let's just say that it hit, and it hit hard.  The soundtrack perfectly fits the story and atmosphere, and I found myself at one point just sitting and listening to the game's background noise mix with the music.  I'm at a loss for words trying to describe how beautifully done this game is. One Hundred percent would recommend this to others.  Every single person who worked on this game just have so much talent and the passion really showed. 


this game is gorgeous—i kept stopping just to admire the scenery and the graphics. gameplay was simple and it worked well with the overall purpose. the storytelling was beautiful and poignant enough to elicit a real, emotional response. great job on this, thank you for sharing it with us (and breaking my heart a little) xx


this is beautiful


You guys have made this game so perfect. Everything from the atmosphere to the story unfolding was just perfect, the pacing was perfect too, I did not appreciate breaking my heart, was so sad in fact I am still thinking about the game right not. You guys did a fantastic job with this and I am looking forward to more projects.

Thank you for making such a wonderful game, you guys deserve awards for this.


I can tell a lot of effort has been put into this project. The pixel art is really nice, though I'm not a fan of this style. The effects, such as rain, really add to the atmosphere. Altogether, the game looks very polished. Gameplay is ok, I'm not a fan of point and click adventures, so I was a bit bored, but I guess this is sort of my fault lol. I just wish you could walk faster. Story-wise, the game is quite nice. The story is polished for such a short game. I liked the tiny twist around the end.

Good job, you should feel proud of yourselves :)


amazing i kinda cried a bit uh nice 10/10 love everything ab it


Breathtaking scenery and atmosphere, incredibly deep feelings and purposeful dialogue, and overall just an amazing game. I can't believe you fit so much emotion into just an hour or two. YouTube commentary below, if anyone is interested. Well done to everyone on the team!


Awesome game. A masterpiece. Really recommended to play in a calm place, knowing you have some time to spare.


This game is awesome it ruined my mental stability

My feeling were ABSOLUTE SMASHED and I cried a lot, Excellent work to the devs and makers bro. I love your guys work so much.


Pretty nice game with beautiful weather effects. Especially the rain on the ground. But I felt a bit to railroaded, after I felt suggested, I get to choose, where to go first. 

This is a great game, if you've been in a similar situation it will probably make you cry... spoiler alert! but so worth the emotions!!

Interesting game. Very atmospheric, and the graphics and lighting were very effective at creating mood. The narrative was well constructed and kept me hooked until the end.


amazing game! the visuals were simple yet elegant. the ending of the story was not what I was anticipating! Just overall a really good game and definitely worth your time! 

love point and clicks liked it a lot 

I'm not sure what to feel about that ending 

Part 2:

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Was it really an accident?🤔 Part 1:


Part 2 of my Let's Play! I'm in love with this game's vibe, and what a thought-provoking twist!

The game's graphics are so great. It reminds me of pixel art gifs. So relaxing. :)

Hey there! There is a problem on Linux where would try to execute the wrong executable(HOWWEKNOWWEREALIVE_Linux_x86.x86) instead of HWKWA_Linux_x86.x86. Pls fix.

Powerful visuals and story.

This was really beautiful! I really enjoyed this one. Keep up the good work.

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Wow! This is a beautifully delivered story. It elegantly navigates the complexities of the human condition while providing an edifying message about broadening our perspectives and taming our inclinations toward misinformed criticism of others. I'm blown away at the artistry here. Outstanding.



I love love the game soo much. Beautiful game and has a good soundtrack! 10000/10 would recommend! 

I always love games like this. 

havent played it but i love it already

Beautiful, atmospheric, and masterfully written game — as someone who fled my hometown as soon as I possibly could, Sara's dialogue really resonates with me. I'm not sure I totally agree with the game's takeaway message, but poignant all the same. Bravo! 

The game is amazing so far!

I think I've run into a bit of a bug. After visiting Maria's place, when I go to talk to the police officer the dialogue is the same as when you first meet him. After finishing the dialogue and exiting the police hq, the screen loads and Sara appears on the left of the screen, like I just came in from there (like in the picture), instead of coming out of the police hq. I tried loading the game again but the same thing happens every time.

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