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This is honestly the most emotional game ive got to find here! i loved it, congrats!!

I loved the game; the story is touching, sad, and profound, it really resonates with the heart. On the other hand, the graphic design is gorgeous. Keep creating these works of art.

so lovely. rainy day at a hometown and everything that was left behind. but not forgotten. never forgotten. 

One of the best point and click games I've played in a long time. The art style is gorgeous and the game it self, deep and meaningful. It deserves all the awards and is very heart warming. I am a big fan.

Damn... This game brought tears to my eyes :'-(

I loved it still though, great job! The graphics were simple, but worked extremely well in this <3 (and I love myself a good 'retro' styled game)


Could you make a Live wallpaper for PC, please

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First game I played from itch. It was amazing, the art style, the soundtrack, and just the simplicity of the story. Loved It. It was so soothing but at the same time also heavy. Awesome.

This game was stunning and beautiful and sad. I'm so happy I found it but I never want to play or read anything like it again. Playtime took me 37 minutes but the feelings that this game evoked will be with me for a while. At least until I fall asleep, but perhaps even days after. I can feel my eyes tearing up. I wish I hadn't gone into this blind. 

I played this because I love anything Sweden (and it did deliver with the atmospheric rainy autumn and miscellaneous culture flavor text :D). I really like playing a thoughtful game that's short and sweet too. It's one of those stories that I'll think about every so often. Tack snalla~!

Amazing game,art and soundtrack is beautiful,story is sad but soulful,my admiration to people who worked on that game,its a real masterpiece of melancholic game with great story. 5\5

this game truly deserves all the awards, i am just in love with everything about it from the concept overall to the story to the art. the vibe created of the quaint, childhood-memory filled, very religious town in sweden was very immersive and i found myself engrossed in that little pixel world. the story is really deep and intriguing as well, and i enjoy the detective/investigation gameplay aspect.

Played this on my channel, thought it was great, the story was deep but the game was chill

I don't know how a game can get so stuck in people's hearts but in mine at least it has succeeded, precious

Beautiful game. I greatly enjoyed the story. Lovely work.


such a good game. story was so deep and I cried at the end. loved this game so much 


This game made me cry. 10/10 experience. would recommend.


What was the code 748 for? (in the church)


This game is amazing. I wouldn't have expected how it would go in a million years.


This made me nearly cry, very pretty graphics and soothing sounds~~~

Game was amazing! (SPOILER ALERT) Although i realiced that Sara also got gaslighted, she had all the right to leave the town she disliked and planned on doing so for years with Maria, Maria never told her that she changed her plans till the last moment, nor that she became religious, there was no communication, its normal each of them went on their own life paths, so how could Sara know anything on her life if Maria didnt plan on doing so till the last moment too, Maria also had no idea of Sara's life. I felt like the end could have been different, but the game was such an artpiece.


Is there a Swedish language version? I see language in the options, but it doesn't change to anything besides English. Thanks!


The first time a free indie game has made me cry. In your face, Deltarune.

This game has put Moltvind on the map for me, and I would without a doubt by the full version of this if you were to expand it. It almost scalds the player for expecting succinct and simple answers to their detective questions; for taking the characters as NPCs. But the premium-quality of the writing makes very clear that these are human beings, not video game characters. Even though I had no control over the protagonist's past, I felt the full guilt of leaving Maria and doubting people in grief. Sara's wrongdoings are my wrongdoings.


Personally i think it's saddest game i ever played yet the one i enjoyed greatly. Great story telling about a girl learning how much she missed of being selfish. We all can learn by this game that we always need to listen and be there for others. we will never know how or when is going to be their last moments.


Really enjoyed it, interesting well made game, would love to play more.
Small quibble is i wish there was a manual save.  I guess it isn't needed with such a short game, but it's nice to have.

Hi! I'm wanting to take games made for GBJam and make them for Gameboy! Would I be able to get the assets and build for this? If possible, the GB studio project too? This would be for my own personal use :) 


It feels so emotional...The story and the soundtrack are amazing. Congrats!


I do not say this lightly - this is one of the most amazingly written games, indie or otherwise, I have ever played. I was nearly brought to tears, and that's not something that happens often... like, AT ALL. The art and music is fantastic, and the writers should be working on feature films. The fact that this is free to play is as perplexing as it is commendable, because this is premium-grade artistry. I will definitely look forward to more games from Motvind. Absolutely blown away, thank you for the experience.



I loved it <3

YES played this game live.... LOVED IT!!! Please give us more

This looks good... Ill be playing this LIVE tomorrow 1/26 around 630-7PM EST =D.

Thank you very much for making such a beautiful game! It has a great and meaningful story! But I would love to know more about the main characters' life a little bit! Btw, I still love the game so much!


This was such a beautiful story, and it was very heartwarming in way. I really enjoyed it 10/10.

Hey, do you plan to translate your game to other languages, e.g. Polish? If so, I would like to offer you my services completely free of charge. I want to become a professional translator and am currently building my translation portfolio.

If you want to help, please email me:


i went into this game thinking it was a game where you would play detective and use your smarts...god am i sad but also happy that i was wrong, because this game is an absolute gem

(;_;) great game but now I'm sad


Any trigger warnings available for this? This game looks great, but I don't know if I'm ready to play it if its about what I think it is. 

Looks stunning and hope to play it one day if not soon <3 Thanks!

I played it a while ago and it did have some suicide and religious trauma but its only spoken about nothing visual


Wow. After finishing the game I'm kind of just stunned at how beautiful and painful that was. The storyline and writing were so immersive and and art was just gorgeous. My emotions were all over the place. 


I came into this with assumptions about what the game was going to be about and related a lot to Sara and her opinions. But when I made it to the end it was such a sobering experience and so bittersweet, makes you rethink your character and everything that happened.

hi my friend i checked your game it was good ,I made a game too Alone Bird 

Hope you check it too GL

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