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Just finished, I plan on going back and paying for it here in a second because that was truly a beautiful experience.

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I would love to play, but it does not work on Linux. Stuck on loading screen forever and blocks keyboard shortcuts. I had to kill it from terminal.

Also, the incorrectly calls full name of the game filename HOWWEKNOWWEREALIVE_Linux_x86.x86, which has now been changed to HWKWA_Linux_x86.x86.

So you might want to to fix that.

I downloaded it first for free. Then went back a bought it. Loved it!

I grew up in the "Bible Belt" of the US. And I have Swedish heritage. I did not realize there was a Swedish "Bible Belt" though. Well, I'm downloading to find out more...


i just liked this game way too much !!! being a sensitive person i admit it- i cried :(


The same:(


love the atmosphere of the game

10/10 SebiTCR Recommended: Destroyed me morally


i loved the atmosphere


This is an amazing game! Really good graphics and the audio design is impeccable. The story is of course really strong. Hope to see some more heavily story based games!

This game WRECKED me. Thank you so much for making it.

Deleted post

I played this game while listening to "As the world caves in" by Matt Maltese and it wrecked me. Life changing

thanks to you i lived this (short) "adventure" to 1000% !!!

Hey, your script doesn't have the correct file name on line 6. 

(post fix: i love this game, great work :))

Controller supported?

I have not played this game yet, but I LOVE this atmosphere.
The pixel graphics, the backgrounds, the lighting, shadows, rain, it's all BEAUTIFUL.

LOVE this look!!! Great work fellas, I plan on giving it a spin later but, I just wanted to say that the atmosphere here looks dope ASAP.

It's a heart breaking game with truth about life. You don't see around the corner when you take a decision. Which is sad for good people of course.

I really enjoyed playing this too me back to playing Lucas games on my Amiga

It was one of the most moving games I've played. If you like Night in the Woods, please play this game. You won't regret. I paid only $2 but the game is worth much more. I also played it with Japanese commentary so I hope my audience will appreciate the story. Prepare to wipe your tears at the end. Thank you so much. Please keep making more amazing games!

story is simple, but hits you right in the spot. Animation is well-made and atmospheric. Music- nostalgic, sets you in the mood so well. So good, I will definitly recommend it to my friends :)


Could you mark the OS of the files (win/linux/mac) so it can be downlaoded through app?

Thank you.

What a great experience! It's a good story, packed with many lovely details. Awesome work!!! 

Incredible work! I'll share it with my friends, hope it becomes popular!

Breathtakingly pretty pixel art

Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and THANK YOU for all your hard work!

I've been following this project for as long as i remember and I gotta say it's probably one of the best experiences I've had recently.

The art style, music, and narrative are just beautiful.

It was short and sweet.

Salute to August and the awesome team there. Congrats on the release guys.

Wonderful small but sad story. I am absolutely thrilled. <3 Would be great if you could do a German translation! A+


Beautiful work, in every way. Thank you for making this game!

Amazing work.

This is a really beautiful and well made game, I can't wait to see what you guys are going to make next.

Beautiful game. Pixel arts are well designed. Loved the story. That ending really hits me. Wonderful work!


Cried a lot more than I'd like to admit. The story was incredible, well written and don't even get me started on the art and animation! This game is incredible and it leaves you wanting more

Absolutely gorgeous. The eerie mood, emotional writing, and pixel art came together beautifully -- you should be proud of your work!

this was amazing, it made me cry as well..- very well done and i love the graphics! :)

great story great art and great gane


Good job!

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great jobs


10/10 amazing


Fantastic game with great story! 11/10


y e s


thanks you for this game


Beautiful Story, Loved the game. 10/10

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