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MY NAME IS MARIA TOO and i felt really sad about their friendship.

well the graphics is 10/10

Soundtrack 10/10

Story line 10/10

Controller 10/10

keep it up devs!!!

I've read a few of the comments below and every single word used to describe this game: its poignancy, art style and soundtrack, are all %100 true. A truly beautiful game.

Loved every single bit of this game. The graphics are so pretty! I love the animations and lighting. The ambience is amazing as well, it keeps sucking me into the game's world as I play. I wouldn't say it's a short short game, because the pacing is fitting for a gameplay/story like this. The story is really sad and touching. I enjoy hearing about the perspectives of various characters and the main character's as well. I look forward to what you publish next! :)

I wonder how i can change the language.It's hard for me to read English all the time.I had found the set of language,but i don't know how to chage.

Does it support Chinese?i really like the style of thhis game:)

This game was honestly really good! I absolutely love the art style and the soundtrack was very well made. The story is really interesting and sad too, and the atmosphere is addictive. I really hope you make some more games some time in the future!

Its not woking on my laptop.

Is it not for windows 7 32 bit.

Pretty much nothing works for 32 bit anymore. That's likely your issue.

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I see...

Thanks for the information.

So will it work for Windows 7 64 bit?

Most likely, yes.


This is beautiful. The soundtrack,the sounds,the story and the art...

It was really touching.

It was very beautyful and touching. Also nice ending. The grafics and sound were atmospairic. and the character was interesting

Luvz it...

awesome atmosphere, great story and beautiful art design, 10/10


Thank you so much for this.  Beautifully made game, great writing, gorgeous music (it really left me nostalgic locked), fantastic artwork.  Really looking forward to what comes next!


I don't usually write reviews but this game is an exception--truly got me bawling ;-;. PERFEEEECTLY crafted, from the graphics down to the script--everything is mwa!!! 100/10 would recommend, a quick gameplay that you can squeeze into your busy schedule!


super cool game!


Me and a friend played this and we had a lot of fun! We discussed a lot about the plot and the people in the game and it was we got amazed with that plot twist.

Truly amazing game!


this made my day, week, and month.

ill never forget this




8-bit game, very nice history and easy to play, it blowed my mind 9/10


This game is fun and the graphic of the game is great too(i will upload part 2 very soon and post the link here)

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This is one of the best games I've played. Beautifully made and with a perfectly crafted atmosphere that captures completely the small European town atmosphere. It's no longer than an hour of gameplay, but I've found a replayability value in experiencing this atmosphere again, just strolling along the pavement in the rain, listening to music.

I felt the game was heavily inspired by Night in the Woods and similar story-based titles, where we find imperfect people in a familiar reality. Just a decade ago these kinds of (non)games were still so few and far between with drama as a genre almost non-existent in the industry, and I'm so glad that there are many new creators now gravitating towards the same artistic qualities you would find in film or theatre. In the 2000's Roger Ebert (in)famously declared that "video games can never be art". And here we are in 2021, where we don't even question anymore that games can be art. And this one here is a great example of it. Even though the game is free, I strongly suggest supporting the developers. It really feels they poured their heart and soul into the project. Let's hope for more games by the devs.


The graphics and the storyline are SOOO GOOD! I love the game and every aspect of it! <3


cool game!


I love the Beginning!! Part 1:

Great game! I really liked the story, it somehow gives me a Life is strange vibe, the music, the menu, point and click to interact, multiple choice dialog, I loved every bit of it.

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I ENJOYED playing this game. It was so emotional, and I was emotionally attached to the whole story. For a simple, short, texts, 2D pixelated art kind of game -- this game projects ALL KINDS OF EMOTIONS, powerfully....Like -- wow, im speechless i cant even write this review all the way thru...Love it...Marvelous job.

Here's my full gameplay of this game with commentary. I swear you guys, good damn game.


This game was a masterpiece. The story was so emotional and touching. Really makes you reminisce on all the friendships you've had. Great job! Keep up the good work. 


Honestly? Hands down, one of the BEST games I've ever played. The music and writing was excellent and I really recommend having a stab at it.

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Hi. A YT trailer (even temporary or short) will help to promote the game. xoxo

Does this game work on 32-bit Windows?


Heartbreaking in a very good way. This def made me feel something. Gorgeous graphics and ambiance.


i don't know what to say in particular but it was sad and devastating that i almost cried. thanks for sharing this beautiful work with us


I don't know if I want to leave Latam anymore :'(



fucking broke me. i have a hole in my heart.


This game was absolutely lovely. The story was really nice, deep and also pretty sad. The animations, pixel-art, music and everything about this game was great.

I really want to thank the developers for making such a great game, very emotional!

Hope you guys make something as nice as this again!

10/10 would recommend it to anyone who likes narrative-driven games.


i don't know what to say...

it was beautiful.


I went into this game blind, I just read that the game is set in Sweden and the art looked cool, and boy was I in for a trip.  The art was wonderfully done, I spent way too much time just admiring certain areas. And the moment the story actually clicked in my head, let's just say that it hit, and it hit hard.  The soundtrack perfectly fits the story and atmosphere, and I found myself at one point just sitting and listening to the game's background noise mix with the music.  I'm at a loss for words trying to describe how beautifully done this game is. One Hundred percent would recommend this to others.  Every single person who worked on this game just have so much talent and the passion really showed. 


this game is gorgeous—i kept stopping just to admire the scenery and the graphics. gameplay was simple and it worked well with the overall purpose. the storytelling was beautiful and poignant enough to elicit a real, emotional response. great job on this, thank you for sharing it with us (and breaking my heart a little) xx


this is beautiful


You guys have made this game so perfect. Everything from the atmosphere to the story unfolding was just perfect, the pacing was perfect too, I did not appreciate breaking my heart, was so sad in fact I am still thinking about the game right not. You guys did a fantastic job with this and I am looking forward to more projects.

Thank you for making such a wonderful game, you guys deserve awards for this.

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